Flowers, flowers everywhere!

User Rating: 9 | flower PS3
Flower made by That Game Company is one of three games including Journey and Flow that has no in game instructions on play. The goal of the games is to figure out how to play and what to do. In flower you start off each level as a single petal and you glide on the wind to open more flowers, gain more petals, restore the beauty and reach the end of the levels. as with Flow Flower incorporates the credits as a level into the game at the end.

Flower, as with flow is difficult to control because it uses the six-axis but it's easier than Flow to control but not by much. This game requires patients and indomitable spirit to play but if you stick with it I think you'll enjoy it.

The trophies are fairly easy to achieve in this game.

Flower is a great game to escape the daunting plethora of military first-person shooters and action games plaguing the PlayStation 3 system.