This game offers a different aspect to the crash racer we've grown accustomed to in games like Burnout

User Rating: 8.8 | FlatOut PS2
After enjoying the leaps and bounds made in the Burnout series, it became totally realistic to create the genre to go one step further... Kill the driver.

While the dynamics of the racer flying through the windshield is cool, the way he does so is so unrealistic that it becomes rather a bore after a few times, and some questionable hits result in the driver being ejected from his ride too easily at times.

The mini games are, rather honestly, either too easy or too hard, the distruction derby like arena are rather complicated to master, the long jump needs to be perfect to get the best flight, but the high jump seems too easy to reach the 100y height.

While this game offers enjoyment, it could have improved in a number of ways, the soundtrack never really changes all that much (unlike the Burnout series), the driver flying could have more realism to it, and frankly, the snow tracks are nearly too complicated to win, which leads the player to have to re-start previously mastered races to earn enough money to upgrade your vehicule.

this game is good, but after a few hours it gets redundant.