Is boring.. nothing really different.Look exatly equal other cars games, I miss things like carmaggeddon.

User Rating: 4 | FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction PC
I really don't like this game. Look exatly equal other cars games, is boring, only beatiful. I miss things like carmaggeddon. The collision of this game is really poor to.

I hope people try make different cars games.. need for speed is a cool game, not the better in the market, but all they are cool games.

Flatout is just jum and run, with bad collision, limited tracks and beatiful art and cars. 3D Art don't make a game.

Good design, sounds, 3D and 2D art and programming can make a great game.

The game is not really dificult, but not too easy, the balancing é just right, but this not save the game.

Is not immersive, don't get me to keep playing. Is too boring to play 10 hours of it.

For cars fans, can be a good game, but for game fans, this really don't

ok. 100 words is too much. I dont have so many thing to talk about this game, I really don't have. I don't like, finish this.