Flatout 3..The death of a franchise.

User Rating: 1 | FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction PC
Were do you start with this game, its simple a epic disaster, this is basically the team6 WII version ported to the PC with minimum effort, then they stuck the Flatout badge on it in the hope of sell it quickly enough to the unsuspecting flatout fans before the inevitible bad reviews strarted rolling in....and they did.

The control's are bad beyond bad with the car never being able to go in a straight line even after 3 patches, the car handling is just abysmal, its like steering a empty shopping trolley with only 3 wheels, with one hand, the firmiliar handling and physics that made the previous flatout games so good are nowhere to be seen, as is any kind if decent AI.

Bottom line dont touch this game, its terrible in ever sense, even when you can get it on sale, which it will be real soon, dont touch it, do something more productive with your money....like burning it, that way you get some enjoyment from its loss.