Not recomended for those new and accustomed to the older flatouts

User Rating: 2.5 | FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction PC
Flatout 3 shows High speed in races, a lot of variety a good graphics, but that's the only good thing. The physics are soooooo broken even the first flatout had awesome physics. The cars feel to light almost as if you could fly, and battling with oponents in this game is a bad ideia because you end up flying away while they stay the same. Car Damage is also unrealistic, reminds me of the older need for speeds. This should have been called "Bumper Cars chaos and destruction" because that's what it looks like, and even playing with bumper cars or riding them is a lot better than this.
I strongly recomend to wait for "Ridge Racer Unbounded" which is being developed by the ones who made Flatout 1, 2 and ultimate Carnage (Bugbear) and it promises better graphics, better gameplay and the most important, better Physics.

Overral: This game should have never been released. It's a TOTAL disapointment