One of the best MMOs ever created. It has it's share of problems but the pros of the game outweigh the cons.

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy XI PC
One of the least well received MMO's of our time. FFXI is a massive changing world of epic proportions. FFXI has gone on now for about 8 years and has waded through some rather murky waters throughout it's history. Now with 4 expansions and 3 add-ons under it's belt, FFXI is a heavy weight contender for anyone who wishes to enter the MMO scheme. But FFXI is far from flawless. Like most MMO's it is highly addicting and is designed to be so. But unlike most MMO's it is very group oriented. You can do very little without a group in the game and what you can do without a group is usually pointless or for little reward. FFXI's most notable feature is it's Notorious Monster system which has brought it some rather infamous misfortunes at the behest of it's developers. Epic battles such as Absolute Virtue and Pandemonium Warden have made FFXI famous for bad reasons and less well known instances such as the pop system, which ranges from 1-72 hours, has deterred many potential players from the world of Vanadiel. All is not bad within Vanadiel, character creation is limited but the variety is wide enough to establish at least some originality though not much. The world of Vanadiel is fairly large and not for the feint at heart as the missions one must undertake in this game are not only epic in scale but also required to do certain things within the game. The community of FFXI is rather tightly knit, though by force for the most part. Though despite this the community can band together for certain feats within the game. There are countless events to be had and even more unique encounters for one to experience. The character cast is far to large to mention in one sitting and every single one, at least of importance, has a memorable and unique personality. In addition to all this the player can experience every possible route through the eyes of one character. They are not limited in this regard in that they can affiliate with whoever they chose from whatever stance they desire. That being said, the player can experience the entire story of FFXI without many repercussions. In the end FFXI has it's problems but is still an overall good game. But it is good to keep in mind that it takes a rather large amount of free time and monetary investment in order to make FFXI an experience worth while.