An MMO for the ages.

User Rating: 9.7 | Final Fantasy XI PC
I am a three year player of Final Fantasy XI and i say that it is a brilliant game over world of warcraft. Most MMOs usually make you run around by yourself and run into a few people time to time and chat, Final fantasy is more of group oriented events. The beginning levels can be very boring being alone but once you hit around level 10, by that time you will have the game system memorized and how to play your job and begin making experiance partys. When you hit level 18 you than get to put on a sub-job which adds the abilitys of another job available to your main job such as a warrior having black mage spells or a thief having the ability to cast white mage spells. When you hit level 30 than you may choose from a larger veriety of jobs such as Dragoon, Summoner, Ninja, Blue Mage, and so many more. The Story lines from the expansions are very interesting, possibly more interesting than the normal Final fantasy games and the music is something you could listen to for hours 'pon hours. If you are one that enjoys playing online with others, you love final fantasy, pick this game up, and be drawn into another world made from Square-enix.