A simple but memorable story and a lot of customisation makes final fantasy V a great game even for the modern fan.

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy V PS
Hey, this is my review for final fantasy V.
Final fantasy V wasn't the first final fantasy game I had played, so I wasn't expecting anything great as I had seen the graphics and wasn't sure.
But I saw the game cheap and decided to get it.

First I'm gunna review the music and audio, the sound at first didn't impress me, to be honest I muted it and turned on my MP3 player a few hours into the game.
There are no voice overs for characters (just text) which
was OK for me, I guess this is quite an old game now.. so I shouldn't really minus any points for that.

Graphics... well, take a look at the images, there are some good battle animations and the cut scenes were impressive for their times.
Gameplay itself was beareble for me, if your picky then.. well, I don't you'll be happy if you purchase the game.

But for value this game does provide a long story and hours of fun.
I think this is a revolutioniry RPG that changed the final fantasy series for the better.
In game you can choose your proffessions, as you progress you unlock more proffesions (there are over 20 to unlock depending on what version you have)
I really enjoyed customising my characters, there is lots more to customise (such as you can combine proffesions and make crazy characters, I had a black mage with the strength of a monk)
If you a fial fantasy fan or even just an RPG fan and you can cope with the pixelation then get the game, it's great value for money!

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