Somewhat disappointed to play such a kids game. Sorry.

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
By my review Deck everybody can already discover what I am going to tell in this review. Basically, let's compare two different games that comes from the same matrix: FFT for PS and this one here. What features made Final Fantasy Tactics so incredible?

a) Its memorable story. It granted a lot of replay value for the game.
b) Its beautiful designed landscapes and characters
c) Its megalomaniac number of classes, in other words, it had a highly custom value.

Now, what FFTA takes for its own, let's see...

a) Story? No way.
b) Beautiful design? Cool one.
c) Megalomaniac number of classes? Sure! But, divided into 5 races with some copy and paste.

Without any comparison now;

FFTA has a truly marvelous presentation. The characters are mostly kids, and those guys suffer bullying at school. That's the main (and only) plot in story. The kids are more or less the same, except for some out-script character not-so-good-explored such as Doned. Anyway, for beginners, FFTA will tutor them inside the game with ease. Things will be working greatly as long as you stop to read everything the game writes. But in any case, learning curve is pretty low, so you'll take little time to get used with the nicer features of your own characters.

For those looking for a good FF story, run from this title. I am not meaning that the story told in this game is bad, but it lacks something. Everything around the plot is a little too generic, too flawed, though with a lot of twists and some good discussions... good for kids and adults alike. Mainly, you are Marche and you have two friends Ritz and Mewt. You three suffer some problem that children in your age usually have. Ritz have a white hair that she dyes everyday, so other kids at school wouldn't laugh at her. Mewt is picked and has lost his mother. Marche... well, Marche had no problem at all... but, since it is a lot of a flaw that Marche doesn't have problems, Square-Enix decided to say that Marche lacks of attention from his mother. Poor, Marche.

One day, after a normal let's-us-be-bulled in school day, Mewt decides to take a book at the library so he and his friends can read with Marche's brother, Doned (which, by the way, is paraplegic). After a good evening of reading, the book suck everybody inside for the world of Ivalice! And that's when it all begin.

Okay, that's for story presentation. Once Marche get into Ivalice, the three friends gonna be split in clans. Ritz for her one with Shara, and Marche with Montblanc (a lovely moogle). Mewt is prince of Ivalice, so he's not necessarily in a clan. Marche's mission is to return to his former town, while Mewt's one is to stay at Ivalice. In the middle of this combat, there's Ritz and Doned, who will try to help (or not) Marche.

Ok. FFTA is worth not for its story, as you can see. It is much for its playing. It is a cool strategy game for GBA, if you still have GBA or a Smartphone that emulates it, you can play a really fun to play strategy game. So, its main triumph is surely character developing. Creating a team of powerful characters and using it in some clan wars (which isn't exciting, but better than nothing), trying to find some good items, these kind of stuff. You will spend a lot of time doing this, although it isn't really necessary, since I finished my game with 70 hours spent and my top level character was level 27. Picture it.

About job system: poor. There are a lot of jobs but a lot of races. And some jobs are just the copy of its own in other race. It happens with Human's Soldier been the same as Bangaa's Warrior. Moogles's Mog Knight the same as Human's Paladin and so on. You'll still have a lot of jobs, though a little small amount of weaponry and abilities to use. In this feat specially, I found FFTA really annoying. Just because FFT have a lot more Summons, a lot more Magic, lot more combinations of alternate skills. FFTA is just a walk in the park near FFT roughness into character developing.


Let's get it straight: FFTA is for a casual player wanting a casual and not frustrating game. It won't it your mind like other FF. It will just massage it.

Thanks for reading.