Great (and addictive) game, but progressively loses its appeal.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
Recently, I had taken to playing on my old GBA when I realized I was lacking any good games for my current age group, so I went out and bought Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.
As soon as I started playing, I was immediately hooked on the game. The different battle system from other Final Fantasy games is my favorite aspect about this game, as frankly, I found the standard style to be quite boring. This method of combat is more in-depth and allows for a greater breadth of stratagems and an overall more captivating experience.
However, the storyline isn't as present as I would have hoped and it ends up seeming like a very repetitive process waiting for the next development.
To summarize, its a great game and definitely worth buying, although it eventually loses its appeal, it will still entertain you for hours on end and will add some variety to your collection.