Gaahhh....Probably the hardest FFA in the series I have played..

User Rating: 8 | Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA
Its hard. If your like me who's been pampered by easy-going or fairly challenging RPG then prepare for this one.
When I mean prepare, you really have to prepare to spent hours of leveling up.Not also that you must steel yourselves. I'm still stuck at level 50 in the final stage. I think its not it? Stopped playing this until 2 days ago prior to this review...

But anyways here's my review summary:

Graphics: Good
I kinda like the graphics in FF Dawn of Souls than this one. But it's pretty decent though. Character icons are very nicely drawn. Love it.

BGM: Good
Music isn't that grand but it's very subtle...Must have earphones!!!

Story: Excellent
Up to par with the latest Final Fantasy storyline. Dark and serious.
But to be honest the whole dragon son thing is kinda "?". But I guess it adds to the plot's twist and turns...

Gameplay: Good
Gameplay is somewhat unbalance. You've got lots of characters with different jobs or types. But instead of enhancing your party it sometimes frustrates.
Take for example a monk named Yang, all his skills are useless except for maybe "power". And Cecil, a powerful dark knight and decent paladin. I say decent because he has only little white magic learned. Even at level 50!!!
But in fairness, there are some skills that are useful and also amusing...CRY and BLUFF..and of course JUUUMPP :D

All in All: Decent
Add this up to your Final Fantasy collection. But if you ususally judge your game by graphics and more immersive gameplay alone then go look somewhere else. This game has more substance than style. Which usually is a good thing.....