Final Fantasy n00bs..please start here...

User Rating: 8.3 | Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA
This is hands down the very reason why most Final Fantasy players over the age of 24 fell in love with the series. In fact, the SNES was the first system I purchased out of my own pocket in high school (back in 1991-whew!) and the very first game I got was Final Fantasy 2 (FF4 in Japan). The funny thing is that I only bought the game because I purchased the SNES from a local dime-store (Woolworth's), and it was either buy Final Fantasy, Pilotwings, or Actraiser - the store had a VERY limited selection!
This version of FF4 is the perfect starting point for anyone new to Final Fantasy..or RPG's in general. The story is easy to follow, yet it's loaded with emotional twists and turns. Very likable characters for a early-gen game with undoubtedly some of the best music of all time. The game length for the average gamer is about 20-50 hours, especially if a highly ambitious gamer tries for the infamous"pink" tail item to get the adamantium armor. The graphics, while early 90-ish, are classic Square with the hilarious bouncing hit point damage counters (just wait until you cause the 9,999 damage blows). A great time-killer for the GBA.