Great, but as good as the public says

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA
Final Fantasy 4 has always been greeted with positive reviews, constantly receiving a title of one of the best in the series. When I picked up the game, I was expecting a great story, can't say my expectations were up to par. The story, nevertheless great, but nothing too extraordinary. The game's story is about Cecil's tale of redemption, trying to undone his wrong in the past and correcting his countries sins. The cast of the game is great! The characters in the game are very lovable and memorable due to their distinct personality and combat capabilities. Speaking of combat, the gameplay is very fast paced and has control over 5 characters at once, its got nice battles, but cuztomizablity is limited, even the party is fixed for you until the end of the game, though bonus contents are unlocked at the end.

In short, Final Fantasy 4 is not as good as the public says, at least for me, but it does have a great cast of characters and music, but the gameplay is kind of a down for me, not to mention the story was good, but nothing too bombastic.