Fight Night Champion is the BUSINESS!

User Rating: 9 | Fight Night Champion X360
I've played the various boxing games on multiple consoles. I remember the days of Greatest Heavyweights, for the Sega Genesis console. I skipped over the Knockout Kings franchise and for a time was saddened that a good boxing game had not bee created. Then along came Fight Night for the original X-Box. As a former boxer, I loved the game. My major complaint was that they game did not respect the jab and cross. Fight Night Round 4 addressed my long term concerns. Fight Night Champion continues to build on a great system. I am using the Total Punch Control for the first time and love it. Game play and hit registration are superb. The story mode is great until...well I won't spoil if for those that have not played through. But that is where my only complaint would fall. Great game otherwise!