FN:champion is a great game but not the best.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fight Night Champion X360
EA is doing a great job on making games with pure success.
FN:Champion is one of those games.
Goods:Great story in Champion Mode-Brutal & fun to play-Fights with a lot of action-Awesome graphics-Sounds are really amazing-Gets better every second you play-Great Roster of boxers
Bads:Minigames are a total letdown-ref just gets between the fights and camera leaving us nothing to see of the action-a little hard for new guys
Story 8/10:In FN:champion you take control in the career of Andre Bishop.He starts as a middleweight and goes to heavyweight when the time passes by.Its really great.Much better of most games without even a dialogue in them.The good thing about Champion mode is telling the story with beautiful cutscenes and great dialogues.
Gameplay 9/10:The Gameplay is simply about fun & nothing else.Fans of Fight Night series will like without a doubt.
Fighting is really simple.All the "A,B,X,Y" and the right analog stick is for punching.Defending is simply with RT and when you hold LT,Character will move his body out of reach of opponents punches.Holding both RB & LB will be used for clinching.Two bars are used.one for health and other for Stamina.As you can see the controls are in a very good shape.So fights get more interesting.But AI is surely a great deal.And i tell you,your opponents are in the ring for only one thing,specially on the hardest difficulty and that is winning the match.This makes fights unbelieveably awesome.Though it gets hard for young dudes.
But Im disappointed with one thing and thats Ref.He just cuts of between camera and action and makes you angry over time.The other are the minigames which are not fun.It needs to change.
Graphics 9.5/10:When I started the game I was just looking at TV not believing what Im seeing.The Fighters are just as real as it can gets.Ring is surrounded with high quality textures and blood just comes out of the fighters as if it is true pure blood.The lighting is as awesome as it can gets and on top of all,Animations.Its just like you are in that place.you can feel the punches.
Sound 8/10:Sounds are very amazing,in fact.you can hear the sound of each and every one of your punches.Music is great to.Though I did not like some of the musics.
Average:Fight Night:Champion is a great game & although could be better in some ways,its still one and Unique for Everyone. Final Score:8.5/10
Thanks for reading my review. Best wishes.