Fantastic graphics but doesn't actually feel Fifa??

User Rating: 6.5 | FIFA World Class Soccer VITA
First of all I just want to let everyone know that I'm a Fifa fanatic...I've played every single fifa title to date on every console available! So... Fifa Soccer on PS 'vita for me is an update of PSP's Fifa 2011 with fifa's new menus and graphics. The graphics I must admit are fantastic for a handheld. But the gameplay?! Not even close to the console version of the game...It's Fifa 2011 with all it's flows imported into Fifa 2012 menus... But that's not the problem! I say it is an update of psp's fifa because whatever shoot you make even if your players finishing is 30/100 you will score... The ball always goes in... this happens with the opponent team players as well... So you might end with a score 5-15 at Legendary difficulty!!! 95% of the shoots end in a goal!! Where is the realism in that!? That's why I didn't really like the handheld versions of the game on previous consoles...(psp ds etc) So overall it has potential+great graphics but doesn't feel not in a million as close as the console version... If you played the console version and you love fifa on your ps3 or xbox360 you will definitely be very disappointed! But to date, this is the best handheld version of the game...Hope next year's fifa brings the REAL excitement-feeling of the game.