Looking for a great handheld Fifa title, this is the best out to date!

User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA World Class Soccer VITA
Well I know some diehard Fifa fans will be thrown off because not every option is in the game its still a great game. The graphics are pretty dang good and using the back touchpad to shoot on goal will make you wish the PS3 had the same option.

When you step into this game you will find all the main modes needed, with play now, tournament, and 15 season mode. You can create your own player as well if you want and take him to the top. The cool part about this is if your player is not as good you will sit out of the really important games at first.

You can also be a manager or player manager through 15 seasons and it takes on a more strategy filled side of things.

One of the most important parts of Fifa compared to other launch games will be online play. It will allow you jump online and actually play against other Vita owners out there. This is a major plus for those wanting human competition although the AI isn't that stupid as with most Fifa games out there.

I am writing all this as a casual Soccer gamer who gets usually 1 regular release and all the world cup releases per system. In the end its a great buy and add to your launch day vita games.