From a non-soccer fan this one of the most addictive games I've ever played. A must have for vita owners.

User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA World Class Soccer VITA
After reading reviews of this game and Fifa 12 which seemed to take the series to a new level I really started to consider purchasing this game. I ended up choosing is as my free game from buy 2 get 1 free Best Buy sale. Uncharted and Rayman are my other picks. I have played this game more than any other game on the system so far (Still waiting on Rayman to come in I play the demo, but I'm a huge Uncharted fan).

The gameplay is spot on accurate and fun. The rear touch pad acts as an outline of the goal works for well and adds to the fun. Touch the back upper right of the touch pad and you player will shoot in upper right part of the goal. You do have to think about you finger placement while holding the device but I love it so fun so accurate plus its optional. The game has a ton of modes like player career, tournament, football manager, player manager, exhibition, etc. I've only played player career mode and its totally addictive. The UI is also great and straight to the point. The game doesn't waste any effort on things that don't matter.

The graphics I must say are superb ps3/xbox 360 quality. The graphics are crisp and beautiful in HD which shows the Vita off well. The loading times are really fast. Overall without a doubt this is the best mobile soccer game ever and currently the best sports game on Vita. I don't even like EA anymore, but obviously there Fifa team really cares.

Highly recommend even for non soccer fans you will be addicted.