Good game but... I hoped more..

User Rating: 8.7 | FIFA Soccer 2005 PS2
Well... Thats a good game but... I hoped more of it!!
i thought it would be the best soccer game ive ever played but i was wrong...
i could say that FIFA 2000 for ps1 was better than this... I thought I got used to the controls on FIFA 2000 and here with 2005 there are so many things like power of the kick, tired player, players age and that other things... and then, the gameplay, i thought it was kind of bad!!

Graphics are really really good... thats a good poisnt on the game... on FIFA 2000 graphics were awful!

Sound... sound is good!! the narrator seems real and there are so many phrases!! on FIFA 2000 you got tired of that same repetitive phrases.!!

ok, ok, it was a really good game, but I was expecting more...

if I could say something to you: Almost, but not quite!!