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User Rating: 8.9 | FIFA Soccer 2005 PS2
Before I get started I will just let you know that I own FIFA 06 and have already written a review on it. In this review I will pretend the game doesn't exist.

I used to write extremely long in informitive reviews and I had written about 100 before Gamespot deleted the whole lot. So now I can't be stuffed writing long reviews. All that my reivews are now - a little comment on gameplay, graphics, sound, value and then a little conclusion. You probably won't like it but just recommend it anyway.


gameplay - Sharp and smooth gameplay. The controls work great for The Playstation 2 console and they game is a great challange then should be enjoyable for a while. Great gameplay.

graphics - Most of the player faces look pretty impressive and when playing a match, although the graphics don't stand out too much they are far from dissapointing

sound - A pretty cool soundtrack, great crowd chants and cheers plus great commentary which isn't too repetitive

value - This game is of great value. A lengthy career mode, loads of cups and leagues plus a heap of unlockables make this game worth every cent.

conclusion - I said my review was pretty poor. All I really wanted to say is that FIFA Football 2005 is an impressive game that all soccer fans should check out (even if your a WE/PRO EVO fan)