User Rating: 9.3 | FIFA Football 2004 PC
Gameplay : not bad, matches go interesting, really difficult in world class mode
Graphics : improved from fifa2003, players move softly, but that's all, it didn't really make some big change, it seems that EA can't do any better to improve the graphic.
Sound : well, it's something worst in the game, even fifa2003 do this better. In the beginning of each match, you'll hear something likes wind blowing right beside you ears, not the sound of the crowds. Even sound when the ball hits the net is very bad too.
Conclusion : I wouldn't buy this game if it wasn't a game in WorldCyberGame (I got the 4th position playing fifa2003 in my country last CyberGame ;) ). So if you're a fan of fifa series, maybe you should check it out, but if you're just simply a fan of football games, you'd better check PES out.