hadnt had this much good fun in ages ,,and the fifa 2004 is one step behind,,but also good that

User Rating: 10 | FIFA Soccer 2003 PS2
but this is fifa 03 ,,

and Fifa 2003 is not a letdown ,,its quite brilliant and a masterpeace,,

how how well things has gotten in this ,,its one stellar game ,,,

its takes risks and can afford that because the finalt result ,,

is pretty amazing ,,everything in this game is pretty well executed ,,

and there are tons of things that are uniqe done and clever done ,,that u may not ever find in a fifa game ever,,

anyway two player is always nice and its a mix between hard and easy this game,,which is perfect ,,i would score it 10 / 10 for its brilliant art,,design and cleverness and Its Pretty Good =) ,,

A + no minus ,,

only minus is ucan have stellar advantages over the other that can piss the opponent off while player two player ;),, otherwise : ,,

hf ,,also over beer =) ,, gl ;) =) ,,