Let's go back and have a look if FIFA 2003 was any good.

User Rating: 8.4 | FIFA Soccer 2003 PS2
Before I write the review I will tell you why it's not that in depth. A while ago I wrote a whole heap of long, in depth reviews but Gamespot deleted them all so now my reviews just include a comment on the gameplay, graphics, sound and value which is followed by a small conclusion at the end. Don't worry because my review should still provide you with the information you need.

Review of FIFA 2003 for the playstation 2

Gameplay - This is the FIFA game where EA Sports really tried to make the gameplay as real as possible. The gameplay really slowed down to make it seem like the actual sport itself. There are some pretty cool gameplay modes and basically I think that the gameplay in FIFA 2003 is a success.

Graphics - Some pretty impressive graphics. If you compare this years player faces to those in FIFA 06 then I would say that this games player faces are alot more realistic. Pretty impressive graphics.

Sound - A pretty cool soundtrack that does get annoying after a while. The commentary is also pretty good and so are the sound effects. Overall the sound is pretty good.

Value - There are lots of leagues and tournaments to play in that will take a long time to complete but to some people that could get boring

Conclusion - An impressive game that should definately be checked out if you are a soccer fan.

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