Can of worms.

User Rating: 1.5 | FIFA 10 X360
A real dull and poorly made game this Fifa 10, I have played many Fifa games since the PS1 days and this is a game that def both sucks and blows.

Poor referee decisions, players standing on the wrong side of the pitch at kick off, all your players look like they are drunk when playing against any team 3.5 rated and higher.

As usual with Fifa they seem to master pretending to create a new football game every 12 months! Strange that every 12 months is a new year and a new number to the elongated and very circular franchise that is Fifa.

The sad truth is that if you took all the good from the Fifa franchise's over the years then you would make the perfect game, but obviously this is not in Fifa's interest to make a classic game for us all to love for ages, they just hash up the past games, leave a few faults in, leaving the Footie fan hoping his/her next purchase of Fifa will be the one that is error free!

But it ain't Fifa 10, it sucks and blows on a scale that I cant believe people have rated it anything over 4/10.

Oh, free kicks are dull with no arrow or curl options other than button press lol, corners are as dull just button tapping and shooting is eratic at best, passing is ok ish.


Off to the skip with you Fifa 10, a real let down.