EA Fifa series is dead.The last good EA fifa was in 07.

User Rating: 1.5 | FIFA Soccer 09 PC
Stop beating a dead horse EA! I have checked out videos of fifa 10,11 on youtube and it is utter ****.The same stuff over and over again.

No additions to the gameplay,Only thing that has changed is graphics.Look at PES and learn some ***** for gods sake.

This game is stupid,Controls are messed up big time,Tricks are difficult to pull off in pc,football is about tactics;There is very little tactics involved in the game.I refuse to buy and play anymore of this dumb EA series.

Advice to EA,If you are going to develop games based on sports,Next time please consider assigning the development of the game to a country where the sport has a massive presence and passion.

I used to play fifa with friends and thoroughly enjoy it.You leave the designing of the game to canadians and you are left with nothing more than utter ****.

Did i mention this game was ****?