What do they mean by next gen? 25 zombies on the pitch. Are they using botox?

User Rating: 4 | FIFA Soccer 09 PC
Damn! I don`t know why they love FIFA 09. The gameplay suck big time. Ref. just running around like an idiot. Linesman also stupid. Don`t know how to use the flags. Also the advantage feat. why the advantage feat. is so damn idiot? I just do a standing tackle and it is annoying when almost 80% of my standing tackle will causes a free kick or advantage. If you tackle and the advantage icon appear you should try to stay away from touching the ball, if you do either you get your self a card or a free kick. They should learn more from KONAMI I guess. The opponent will always score goals from a free kick situation. Damn! Always! It is really annoying. Yeah they have improve the graphic. But for me the players look like a bunch of zombie playing football. 23 zombies on the pitch. I am sick with FIFA 02-09 gameplay. The commentary also stupid and bored to death. They are really annoying. In free-kick practice mode you only have what? 4,6 free kick spot. WTF is that? What eles? Computer will always try to beat you. Sometime I felt FIFA 09 goes according to script. Even if you play good in the game you will lose no matter what. And that happen when opponent just have a one shot one goal. You will lose the game with only a one shot from opponent. Damnit. Why? Then why do everyone arguing about NEXT-GEN? What? Do you all realize that Computer is more powerful than console platform? Do console have the ability to put 3 graphic cards in the same time? Computer stuff will always go far than console. Console will only last for about what? 5-9 years? Computer? Always rite? Don`t deny it. Just keep it balance please. Why EA comparing FIFA 09 on XBOX 360 and PC? Why can`t they do it equal on both platform? I would say if they do it equal on both platform that would be a professional work. Do you guys agree? Come on EA! You are one of the famous game company in the world. Why do you produce this kind of quality? Owh another I want to add. The cutscene. Do you copy from last year FIFA 08 cutscene? Why do FIFA don`t have cup celebration like previous FIFA 01 and older version? Please improve. I am really disappoint with FIFA 09. Yet good work on graphic. But man... For me it look like zombie playing football. Sorry no offend. I guess this is why GameSpot.com didn`t write any review on FIFA 09 yet. LoL~!