FIFA 09 for the PSP is the ultimate football experience.

User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA Soccer 09 PSP
The Good:

- Great player models
- A lot of Gameplay Modes & Leagues
- Good Music
- Simple Controls
- it's extremely rewarding and fun

The Bad:

- Long loading times
- Uneven Graphics quality

Fifa 09 plays very well and it's never frustrating. There are plenty of in-game tricks and moves that are easy to preform and they are animated very nicely. The game includes a bunch of cool modes like kick off, torment, challenges, football IQ, multi-player and the newest addition to the series - Be A Pro. It's a very fun mode where "you have to play the game as a one single player. You must earn the trust of your teammates and lead your team to victory" :P.

Fifa 09 has some great music in it [Ea sports extras > media center] and the sound effects are very good, as well. Electronic Arts also did a good job with simplifying the default control scheme. Graphically speaking the player models are very lifelike and it just looks very good in general, but unfortunately the crowd looks like..poo. All people in the stadium look like cut-out pieces of cardboard. They're a pain too look at form a close up view. Except that, and a few long lading times, fifa 09 is a superb game.