The greatest soccer sim

User Rating: 9 | FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 PC
This was the game that really kicked it off for the FIFA franchise, and soccer sims in general. No other game had taken it to this level. First of all every nation that took part in world cup qualifying had all their current players, hell you barely get that in the world cup versions of the game now a days.

On top of that you had the standard leagues with all the stars (There were a couple of notable exceptions, Ronaldo, I'm pretty sure was missing).

Of course there were some flaws the game was a little fast and too easy for hardcore soccer sim players. The AI had some issues and keepers weren't particularly smart or athletic. Also the player transfer system was average, you had enough money you brought him.

That being said in this game the flaws were easy to overcome. The game was fast paced and high scoring, (we're playing a game we don't want every second game to be 0-0). The menus were extremely slick and easy to navigate.

This game may not be deep as it is nowadays but it still holds its own.

A damn fine soccer sim.