Amazing game for 1998. The basis for the current soccer simulators.

User Rating: 8 | FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 PC
While the rest of football simulators of the time where good enough to be played this one was the best.
The past version from 97 was like the first step to consolidate the next tittle, and, unconsciously, the next generation of football simulators.
Among the interesting things about this game we must emphasize the importance of acquiring the licenses from all the countries, thing that gave the opportunity to won a World cup with Swaziland or Vanuatu.
However, there were some thing quite annoying, like the AI of the opponent, making some weird strategies or a quite useless goalkeeper with a high tendency to place the ball inside of his net.
The game bring you the opportunity to play the world cup and a considerable number of leagues quite interesting and exotic, like the Malaysian one.
And the editor of the game was quite good for the year with a good variety of options to modify both players and teams.
Conclusion: One of the best games from 1997(8) and the best soccer simulator of that year.