FIFA is a great football game

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 22 (Ultimate Edition) PS5

The firts football game I ever played was on the ZX Spectrum, called Match Day. That game had animations, some running around - it was a football game - but blimey how times have changed!

In my house we mainly just play Kick Off games against each other or against the game, so I can't talk about online or story mode much, as I'm not that bothered.

The game feels fantastic to me, the the visuals are stunning, the ball bounces around realistically and we get some very heated gaming time against each other.

There is a learning curve, we all blast it over the bar frequently still - but we also have improved and there is a sense of moving up the ranks.

Criticism - When you start up it wants to connect to EA serversm and I'd rather it didn't bother asking. Also more variety in the commentary team would be good. I played a league and you get a certain amount of repetition. Also our manager Thomas Tuchel is missing!