Great Game if ya havent got it ur missin out!!

User Rating: 9.4 | FIFA Soccer 06 XBOX
i think this game is great because of variuos features such as -
1)new fifa 06 lounge - great if ya have tons of m8s round because then u see who is da best.
2) great graphics - pitch looks great especially in rain but not too keen on players that are in lower leagues cos they all the same
3)manager mode - best feature of game. completed the 15 year long season mode. couldve had a better endin to it but i cant hav beaten real madrid in the euro cup final wit liverpool cant get better than that.
4)Unlockables - so many things to unlock n the rewards u get for it u wil luv.
5) Teams - Up 2 date teams n shirts
6)Trophies - many trophies to get but i thought they couldve had the trophy room - where did it go?
7)transfers n editin players - big part of game of corse is tranferin players i hav 2 keep up 2 date wit players on teams doesnt seem right ashley cole playin for arsenal and shevchenko playin ac milan. n editin players is great cos the players u highly rate n if they arent that gd on the game then u make as gd as u fink they are. but next time fifa, hav an unlimited amount of editin insted of a limited 30-40