Probally the best EA sports games you'll play.

User Rating: 8.8 | FIFA Soccer 06 PS2
FIFA 06 is a high quality game which has done everything in order to make the game seem as similar to real life football as possible. Hundreds of teams, thousands of players, the game has really improved upon the previous FIFAs.

The gameplay of FIFA 06 is just perfect. No longer is it annoyingly difficult to tackle the star players, and no longer is it too easy to score goals. Strange, but this is actually the perfect balance. Shots must be timed and aimed to earn goals. This means that games don't end 9-0 everytime you play. Passing and dribbling is made easier by more respondent team mates and better analog control for dribbling. Goalies rarely charge now, meaning that you dont lose the ball as soon as you enter the box (which can be annoying). It also now has an impressive Manager mode, which allows you to take one club and do practically everything for them as their manager.

The graphics are fantastic in that hundreds of players have custom, unique faces from the other players. The slightly less prestigous players are given standard faces with a chosen hair colour. Though this might sound slack, there are thousands of players on FIFA, so they've really done quite alot.

The sound's great. Now when you hit the crossbar, it makes a metallic noise rather than no noise at all. The commentators now use more than five quotes. They now say things like "Oh he was resiliant in defence" and "Top defending, thats what wins matches" which makes it feel more like your being watched by the commenators, rather than an artifical voice over.

Everything about this game is improved, and the game itself is really fun and addictive. FIFA 06 has really set the bar for all over Football games that follow.