User Rating: 9 | FIFA Soccer 06 PS2
After year of running to the future whilst looking at the opponents back they are finally shortening the gap with there biggest rival PES. I play FIFA for years now, and I keep hoping it would do better every year. And it did, but not enough to get them to level with PES. My waiting has now been rewarded! The finally figured out what football is about. I was surprised to find out I had to lose my first game in 4 years with FIFA, and that on the NORMAL level!!!

some short numbers to give the scale of improvement in my opinion:
- in-game game-play, times 10
- manager functions, times 5
- out-game interface, times 5

this indicates the improvement on these 3 part of the game, but this isn't all! the good things from the old games still remain. outgame interface has improved a lot. I'm a user-interface specialist myself and see that there has been a lot of improvement in certain parts of the GUI. the gameplay itself has become more different from former years, players are harder to run and are real body's now instead of some super human that could dodge every defender. you really need to set up a attack instead of just passing the ball around in the box.

what i like about the difficulty is that it is still a challenge to score in the ezy mode, but it's just a ezy enough to score 2 or 3 goals, even if you are a beginner. The more difficult modes are really challenging and in comparison to the older games where i score a average of 4 goals (4 minute game) a game in the highest level. Now I really need to fight to keep it level on the hardest level.

if you're looking for a good soccer game? Take this one! I know PES is better, BUT i still need the official licence from FIFA to play a bit of a good soccer match.

I'm convinced that 07 will bring a same leap forward that will result in a neck a neck race with PES. but no guarantees there ;