I really good game definitely worth 9$

User Rating: 9.5 | Far Cry PC
Far Cry has a very good story line
But its hard and tensional Can't get through Carrier level.
The ragdoll in the game was really good maybe a little
bit more bones and a wee bit jelly-ish ragdolls.Good Graphics
Low system requirements for 2004.My favorite part is the
editor very easy also very tiring to do a map if you're
a regular gamer. Bad-ish characters They should have
military enemys. My favorite character is the Cover or the
Heavy But the beta of Far Cry looked better.Better weapon
positioning. The editor has some bugs but more for
Windows Vista Less for XP. But a truly good game good setting
Gory Bloody. Nice player model Nice animals Scary Mutants Good weapons.Great Mods and Downloads and Help from the FC community. And good time line for the game

A masterpiece an old school too

Review By: halfliferagdol