If there’s one word that accurately describes Far Cry’s graphics, It’s…………….SHARP! **SPOILERS**

User Rating: 9.1 | Far Cry PC
Scorpio_gamer a.k.a Neerajkumar_4


Far cry is a pretty good FPS game ever but it’s tough due to its very intelligent A.I. The CRYengine makes a very good environment in the game. The game has fabulous graphics! Truly outstanding!!! This game gives you the realistic feeling. The game does not have a awesome story line but its just OK.


Our protagonist, Jack Carver runs a charter boat service located south of Pacific. On one such drop-off, his boat is blown up and he finds himself on an island. During this game you’ll get to drive different vehicles. And for every mission you have several numbers of ways to finish it, that’s what I love in this game. You can almost go any where but however the level of interactivity is low especially when compared with Half-Life 2. There is a breath meter which keeps decreasing as you get tired while running or run out of breath while swimming. The mercenaries are tough and will attack you with a strategy. The mercenaries and the mutants are real tough. So be careful and you’ll have to use stealth at times rather than being RAMBO!! . The game’s A.I is horribly tough and I doubt if any can finish the game in the last mode (There are Different modes of difficulty in this game) it’s just something realistic. The Binoculars is very handy indeed because it helps you to locate the position of your enemies and keep a track on them….isn’t that great??? The game has many cool guns all are good especially the MP5 and the sniper. The sniper fans won’t be disappointed …..They’ll be just be happier because you can zoom more when lie down or hold your breath or both to take a nice head shot!!!


The sceneries are awesome, you’ll love the surroundings but don’t forget that you are not on a HONEY MOON ………any ways the mercenaries wont let you have one. It’s just one the best graphics game ever or may be the BEST. Most of the graphics card’s capabilities are tested on using this game.


The game has really good sounds and music effects. Its really good trust me!!!


The game has long but single loading screen during the start of every mission and remember that there are no quick saves…….its kinda good but still you’ll wish that you had it. Overall its awesome game but it’s tough. But do your self a favor just get the game and start playing…….go now!!

Graphics -10/10





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