Love Fallout 3, but this is not my type of game.

User Rating: 7 | Fallout 2 PC
I was curious to see what this one was like, playing fallout 3 i thought you can attack/dodge/move freely but no it is the typical RPG i can not stand were you are stuck in one place and attack (most the you miss) it bores the hell out of me. Not hating on this because it is old or anything, i love the series i find it interesting, it is that these types of RPGs bore me. Also i don't like point and click (You see a wall) (you see a door) (you see a vase) i find it pointless i see those pixels i my screen i mean really. Sorry if i sound like i hate these old fallout games and only the new ones, but in the 3rd fallout i feel excitement blasting heads off nice first person action with a mix of the RPG system.

I do like this game because the first appearance of the Enclave and voice acting. Graphics are good, but i wish i could get into the action. :(

Oh yeah and it froze my computer up 3 times because i have wins.7