And you are "supposed" to used this for extra $$$ when Fable Starts?!?

User Rating: 3 | Fable II Pub Games X360
The amount of very tedious time spent vs gain is beyond poor, its "who is the developers that made this and have they been fired yet?

At first you dive into it expecting to have a decent win/loss but after awhile your debt keeps mounting and the feeling of futility sets in.

Futility, having no control whatsoever on the outcome. In most good games developers give players room for decisions that cause them to feel like they have a choice. When players fail, there is room for improvement, change of strategy etc. Not in Pub Games.

This game is supposedly pure chance and as you continue to play liquid hate begins to bubble up as the game happily fails you over and over again. The devs insist that if you keep betting big that the jackpot wins will more than make up for it - not true as so many have proven/posted in forums.

So unless the developers make a major fix on the game when Fable 2 comes out - its best to avoid the pub games as the house almost always wins.

P.S. This is also a good lesson in computer driven card games - learn to avoid them because the deck is almost always stack against you.