the game is not final fantasy graphics (now a days) but it sure beats all other racing games with its speed boosts...

User Rating: 9.5 | F-Zero SNES
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replay value

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if you have an snes or an emulator or you have it for the wii all i can say is you made a good choice. why?well lets just say that this game is just fun weather you racing agaist your friends or just trying to get a good score to brag about with your friends this game is just addictive.see when sci-fi and racing go together you usually think star wars racer or that crap well no if you really found a sci-fi racer this is the one and only. you will be so addicted to it your butt will be stuck to the floor because you played tit to long many would say that its a flaw that you can't see where the coms are but hey thats the point so you dont get bored and when your in first these little brown car things (i think they are camera cars) get in your way and your have to use your almighty racing ability's and if your skillz arnt high enough then i would also say its a good beginners game. the customization is very nice (difficulty wise) and very handy when your beginning.

score 10


re-play value well duhh its a racing game thats really the main point in it so
your supposed to want to play it over and over again and as really good racing games do they make want to play them over and over again and it gives you that thrill of the kill when you win and you think thats why I went to replay it again. it just drags you in and makes everything else seem like crap but it stands there of your imaginary shelf of fame. and its never dusty cuz your always playing it

score 10


once again it tops the chart. why? well its always fun to play racing games with new twists and turns around the corner literally! anyway point is something new is always happening. you may bang into a brown car and you may end up in 3 and will have to beat them at the next lap. most importantly, the game has that difficulty which is always nice because if your always in first then change it. on end wen you pic it up for the first time it may last your 2-3 hours. later in its life time when you've hit the "i remember that was a fun game" and you want to play it again feeling it will last you the same time if not more (that is if your playing it like 2 months after you got bored.

score 10


this is where it is little off there definably not bright more like some city covered in smog which is good and bad its realization that thats what they thought the future would be like and i think it comes pretty dang close.point is there good but not happy which is what i was hoping for...really the graphics are not bad but the visuals of which they represent are...

score 7


if you lie racing games you've found your thing to save up for...if you don't then you've found your starting point...and if your looking for one more good game then you've found your next answer to your collection...really theres almost no flaw to this game. you will play it and play it and and play it over and over again and again...