Impossible Maze!!!

User Rating: 4 | Exodus from the Earth PC
Well I love long games so I bought this game with excitement. After I Installed it - I fell into a huge puddle of disappointment.

The graphics are the only thing I like in the game. But the rest is just unbearable!

Gameplay is weak - Combat is like the Games I played in 1997-99.

And here it is...The main reason for the game to turn out a failure - The level design. On every level there is a moment of great confusion (There is dark somewhere, blockages everywhere and the design is so noob that every place we go to looks alike so we think we already visited that place even though we haven't). So this resulted in 2 hours of loitering on every stage just to find a route to progress.

So if you ask me about the game, I highly recommend on buying other games like Turok which are far better than this piece of unending maze.