Lots of action, but somewhat boring

User Rating: 6.5 | Exodus from the Earth PC
This is really a budget title with graphics that will remind you on games that you played 5 or 6 years ago. Yet they are not that bad (especially interiors tend to look very good and detailed) and the game is playable. One thing going for this game is that it's full of shooting action, so when you need an FPS fix this game may just do it. On the other side, the game really doesn't have any strong points, something that can pull you in and provoke the desire to play it. Once you encounter a difficult point in the game, the first impulse is to quit and uninstall, rather than consider it as a sweet challenge. Maps, while relatively very good, are not offering much (if any) clues where should you go next and you can potentially spend hours searching for the next step. You need to save often, especially before jumps since the jump mechanics are terrible (use jump+crouch in many situations that seem impossible). The fighting formula follows some well-tested games but it's overdone -- basically, fight to get to the next point; once there you realize you need a key which is a way back; so you go back and you fight again getting to the key; once you get the required item, you go back to the point and are attacked again. Enemies will frequently spawn behind your back. Yet, the game is not excessively hard, but there are some boss fights that are frustrating. The game would actually benefit from a reduced number of enemies but who are somewhat smarter. Jumping and driving game mechanics are some of the worst ever -- even worse is that the both are required to play/finish this game.

- graphics: 6.5/10
- sound: 5/10 (can't be any cheesier)
- gameplay: 6.5/10
- mechanics: 6/10 (driving: 1/10)
- re-playability: very limited
- story: interesting premise, but not very captivating

Overall, get this if you have to. It's not a totally bad game and the shooting action may be worth the money. However, don't expect anything innovative or super fun. A good time-killer, but not much more. If you get it, get also a walkthrough guide ... you'll need it (there is a free and *official* one at Strategy First support site). Overall score: 6.3/10