Never played anything like it!

User Rating: 8 | Eretzvaju PS
At first glance Evil Zone looks like an average anime inspired game, well it sort of is. The characters have their own distinctive look from a school girl to a heavy metal freak. Evil Zone tells the tale of land known as I-Praseru and where a witch known as Iharduca awakens. So 9 warriors are summoned in a tournament to defeat there. As typical fighting games go they each have their own agenda as to why they joined the tournament in the first place. In Evil Zone you have your basic fighting game necessities, arcade mode, story mode, and practice. What makes Evil Zone so unique is the use of only 2 buttons to fight. One for guarding and one for attacking. Depending on your range and button presses you can execute different attacks on you opponents. Another unique aspect are the special attacks. You perform them by encircling your opponent in a red circle. The attacks look phenomenal switching to different camera angles each time you use them. After seeing one it might spark your hunger to see more of these awe-inspiring attacks. The graphics are very nice as well, given that each character has their own personal vibe and personality. The music really gets you into the fight especially the final boss music. What upsets me the most though is the god-awful voice acting. The voice acting can make anybody laugh and the lazy localization is pretty funny too. Characters would stop talking and their mouths would still be moving, nice haha. Overall Evil Zone is a terrific game despite its noticeable flaws and is a rare gem.