The best multiplayer fightning game ever made in history! Easy but yet technical and requires user-skill, awesome.

User Rating: 10 | Eretzvaju PS
I want Evil zone II !!!!

This is the best fightning game ever! The survival gameplay is simply awesome, its the kind of game that actualy asks quick thinking and fast movement, inteligence and instinct. Dont get scared, its the easiest game ever released so far, but again its not THAT easy.. get it?

The game is pretty straight forward, all you need to do is Block, Shoot collect energy to release spectacular special powers, and punch. The overall objective is to be able to block your oponent spells and yet hit him with your own spells as well, if you stay put for too long he can get you with Super Special moves (with are unique for every character) - such moves only require a two button combination to activate it.

So, that is what I meant by easy and hard, its easy to work on the moves and strategies, but hard because you need to be real quick and smart and actualy plan your moves before doing it.

Its an amazing game, anyone will love this, specialy those who hate hardcore fighting combs.

I have finished with every single character on both English and Japanese versions (the *** has better voices and music), and now I scream for the sequel. Comon Yuke! Bring it!