Though there is room for improvement, Evil Zone introduces a revolutionary concept--a fighting game that is actually fun

User Rating: 8 | Eretzvaju PS
Evil Zone is a fighting game that excels because it doesn't require you to memorize difficult multi-button combinations to pull off powerful attacks. Instead, Evil Zone simplifies combat so that there are fewer moves to pull off but no less satisfaction in doing so. Evil Zone does this without sacrificing any challenge-it is still a thrilling game. But the main thing that makes Evil Zone different is that the game is actually fun. It isn't one that will frustrate you, make you want to throw your controller at the television. On the contrary, you will find yourself actually enjoying the gameplay (What a concept! Right?). Although the game is rather simplistic and there is still room for much improvement, Evil Zone achieves its goal and does what it's supposed to do-it entertains you, and it does so exceedingly well.