Unbelievable how addictive this game can remain. Amazing to see friends from years ago return.

User Rating: 10 | EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin PC
They certainly don't make some things like they used to make them. How is it possible that we still play a game more than 9 years after it was first established? How can we get excited about another add-on? How can a player leave a game three years ago and decide to return? Unbelievably fair reward system, challenging content, requiring the creation of an environment of helping others and it still remains the first choice of relaxation for so many of us. AMAZING!

Want more? Developers that listen to the community. And, this creates even more of an environment of the community working together to improve the chance of enjoyment and success.

A wonderful mix of challenging small group opportunities combined with large group needs. Refreshing opportunities to revisit the past sites of glory have recently been made available. It is sure difficult to see how things can get much better than this!