Memories of the good old days.

User Rating: 10 | EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin PC
I can't speak for how the game is now but for the four years I played it I can share....

The good times

I first started playing Everquest March 5, 2002. I was hooked from the first time I had created my first character. Gaming was a LOT different back then and MMORPGS were new. I was using dial-up Internet then and everytime someone would call our house I would get disconnected from the game. Everquest was a very original game and still is in my opinion the best game of its kind to this day. Leveling up and doing quest actually felt like you accomplished something by how much effort and time it took.

I remember camping named npcs for days too months just to get that certain item I wanted, or even those quest items that would sit in my bank while I was working on that month long quest (and even longer when I was trying for my epic).

Original Everquest gave you such a great feel of accomplishment when you achieved something such as your classes epic or even smaller thing such as getting that item off the rare named that you have been camping for the last month or so. Gear was not handed to you on a plate you had to earn and work for everything, but now in games such as Wow they appealed to the casual gamer and give them everything and make everything easy.

Grouping was such a great experience for me. Having a camp spot where your group would pull to and fight and chain pulling mobs so you would always have a mob at your camp that you were fighting while the puller ran off to get another one before the current one was dead. I have never experience this in any other MMO, no spawn camping and no pulling to your camp.

From everything to grouping, raiding, and even bargaining with people shouting out in /ooc in east&west commons trying to sell there items. Original Everquest is still one of the best MMORPGS that I have ever played to this day and wish there was another one like it and still have very good memories from playing it.