Shadow of its former self

User Rating: 1 | EverQuest PC
EverQuest is a shadow of what it was 20 plus years ago. The company that hosts, runs and operates it currently goes by the name Daybreak game company or Darkpaw games. They are experiencing but not dealing with numerous issues that prevent people from having a fulfilling gaming experience including a severe graphics Issue that many people ( including those who have invested in expensive gaming computers well above the specs / requirements ) have experienced. There is no support for any issue at all as you can see this has not been dealt with in the above forum post but it has been known for many years. The gaming lore that was fun and quirky in the past quickly turns boring around the veil of alaris expansion and makes its presence felt and continues for a long time. Having the player work up allegiance and kill many mobs only to have it drag on and go nowhere. Without a doubt the biggest issue is the direction in which the game and companies have taken. Allowing for extreme racism and abuse in chat. One of the most abhorrent things present in our world today and the company harbours it and loves it. This is just coming from a gamer that has played EverQuest. With no affiliation with or to any companies involved in EverQuest past or present. There are stories online from former employees that have some horrible things to say about how they were treated. Bottom line is there is no reason to play this game. The graphics are bottom tier. The lore is not fun. And the company loves hate and racism. You are best to play Hogwarts Legacy to experience current graphics and gaming.