Same old same old, from Paradox Interactive. Good if you like micromanaging.

User Rating: 7 | Europa Universalis IV PC
No bugs this time around, but it is nothing new - a rehash of the previous Europa Unversalis and Victoria series. I have a feeling they keep releasing the same game with a slightly different interface.

Still no way to automate building, not everything makes sense, and opposing countries are frequently behaving stupidly. Even though the series has Europe int he name, you can play any country int he world. I wish they would give more love to the out-of-Europe countries for gameplay's sake. As is there are some quite crippling negative if you choose to play a New World country for example.

All that said, if you have never played a Paradox Int. game, it is worth giving it a go.

Even with its shortcomings, to me it is still miles ahead of the Civilization series (but those are made for 10 year olds).