Triggers that 'just one more turn' urge as you obsess over time's flow This is what History class should have bee

User Rating: 9.5 | Europa Universalis IV PC
I think Crusader Kings II was a turning point at Paradox, their games were always full of strategic depth, but often inaccessible and un-intuitive.

Well for the most part that is no more. Which means that you are free to immerse yourself in the growth and development of your country.

I have not experienced any of the bugs that I have heard about though the game does tend to slow down especially hard when auto-saving. This is doubly annoying in Ironman mode which locks you out of being able to disable the auto-save feature.

Even so this game is sure to only get much much better as user mods and extra content is released.

Especially great is the official Crusader Kings II to Europa Universalis IV converter which allows you to seamlessly transition between games and chart your country's history over the course of almost a millennium.