Does this occult game live up to the hype? Find out!

User Rating: 8 | Earthworm Jim SNES
Over the years Earthworm Jim and it sequel has become an occult series by fans and critics alike. The first game introduces the player into the universe of Earthworm Jim that brought forth the occult status. On the surface this game is a 2-D platformer but the characters and level designs take the game to make greater depths.

A special suit is being transported by a bounty hunter named Psy-Crow for his employer, Queen-Slug-For-A-Butt. On his mission Psy-Crow accidently drops the suit, which lands on an Earthworm named Jim. This suit makes Jim appear as having a normal body with legs and arms. Jim is trying to having the suit taken from him as well as saving Princess-Whats-Her-Name from the Queen.

Through out the game you will jump, shoot, whip, and swing your way through several different levels. Jim will also have an underwater water vehicle race, a space rocket race, bungie jump contest, and guide some friends safely through a level. Providing a good variety of gameplay styles. The difficulty slowly increases and peaks are the final level making the curve perfect. Once you lost all your lives and have used all your continues you must start a new game.

With good level designs, gameplay variety, and a truely unique gaming universe Earthworm Jim is a lot of fun to play. One of the best platformers of the 90s and a game that can still be enjoyed today. Check out Earthworm Jim!