Nice game and also pretty funny ^_^

User Rating: 9 | Earthworm Jim SNES
I like this game. This game has a uniqueness to sustain it self from being popular. The humor of EarthWorm Jim just cranks me up everytime I play the game when I was little.

The sounds(very great and funny), graphics(good at that time), and gameplay(VERY unique) are AWESOME. I believe EarthWorm Jim is a very memorable character and should be given attention.

The game could be frustrating at times, but sooner or later you should be able to find it a bit easy. WARNING SPOILER: The hardest part of the game is probably the part when EarthWorm Jim turns into a real worm and is in some body.(can't really explain, sorry)

This game shouldn't be missed and shouldn't be hated. It's not the best game in the world, but it's GREAT!